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Sup dewds

Hey. My name is *****. I am a english dewd who really should be revising but decided to make a website instead. I decided to make this website because

 a.) i was bored

 b.) i wanted to do something where i can rant and rave.

Anywho, in a few days i would have set up my blog and would have hosted a few games.

 Keep on trucking.

Ten things i will have soon

1.) blog


3.) ads

4.) get ppl to host stuff on here

5.) mp3's

6.) jokes

 7.) something else

8.) a .tk domain name

9.) something else

10.) doom wads

Whats making me unhappy

The school made the bad decision to start censoring pretty much every website. I am not going to name names because that will get me in trouble. And i know that what i am doing is not going against any rules because i am guarenteed free speech under the UN.

The latest casualty of the banning of websites is http://www.school-survival .net. This website is basically a support site for kids who have a hard time in school. It condemns acts of violence and vandalism. Why is it banned? I dont really know.

I apreciate that some kids (chavs) will abuse the system to access websites that are both offensive and hurtful. But this is too far. Even our e-mails are checked.

 Oh and



(just thought i would make this website banned in china) :)

A little about me

I am a english high school student. I had a really crappy day so i decided to make a website. I really dont know why. I set myself up a 50megs account and started work on it when i should've been revising. I am into rock music and computer games.

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Tumble weed


You get the picture